Say Podcast and Die got some media attention in 2021!

We were included in "'Gripping Escapism:' 17 Podcasts to Distract You from the Coronavirus" in The Guardian. Here's what Joe Koning had to say about us:

"Hosted by Andy Crow and Alyssa Greene, Say Podcast And Die! is a show where “two queer horror nerds sit in a closet and revisit the Goosebumps series”. Sometimes I wonder if I would have the same relationship with horror if it wasn’t for these books, and hearing them re-examined has been transporting. Coronavirus, I hear you say? Trapped inside, am I? I couldn’t possibly know what you’re talking about. I’m too busy asking: was the factory gas leak in Dark Falls that turned residents into the undead inspired by the Amoco plastic plant explosion of 1980, or the Formosa plastic plant explosion of 1991? – JK"

Andy and Alyssa were also interviewed by author A.E. Osworth for their column in Catapult about children's horror. Here's an excerpt from the article, "Ingredients of a Goosebump:"



Welcome to Dead House

Be sure to check out the full column on the Catapult website, and listen to our interview with A.E. Osworth in our Guestpunks bonus episode!